Human resources consultancy

We enhance the talent in your team


We accelerate your employees’ learning through training and coaching.

Personal Skills

Our coaches encourage your individuals to translate experience and learning into action.

Positive Culture

We can help you to become an employer of choice through our professional guidance.

What we do at 2bhr

We collaborate with you to inspire leaders and teams to drive your business.​

We are trusted by our clients to develop effective, productive people by focussing on:

  • Leadership and management development
  • Personal skills, knowledge and behaviours
  • The power of teams
  • Organisational development
  • Creating a positive culture with effective working relationships
  • The right people in the perfect roles

Our solutions start with your goals, whether you have a stretching aim or the need to up-skill your team to stay ahead of the competition.

A talent strategy should emerge from your business strategy, simply ensuring that you are effective at every stage: recruitment, on-boarding, developing people’s competence, advancing careers, maintaining an engaged workforce and paying attention to results.

We offer a bespoke mix of training, coaching, mentoring, workshops, masterclasses, e-learning modules, development programmes, psychometric testing, career planning, wellbeing advice, succession planning, HR knowledge and one to one support.

What do your people get out of it?

These are some of the words participants in our activities have used to describe the impact for them:

“ Gave me such self confidence”
“I feel I can be more autonomous at work”
“I have renewed energy for the tasks”
“It was easy to practise what I’d learned straight away at work”
“My boss said she could see the difference straight away”
“I’m much more aware of the impact I have on my colleagues”

Improving your business performance through the introduction and development of talent, 2bhr is entrusted with the creation and development of powerful teams for our clients.

We select and introduce individuals who will enhance your business.

We accelerate your employees’ learning through training and coaching.

We help you to become an employer of choice through professional guidance.

Our vision - to become the only partner our clients need to develop driven teams who drive results.

We enhance the talent in your team

Our sole aim is to have a positive and lasting impact on your business. We speedily get to know and fully appreciate your values and aspirations - enabling you to form achievable and stretching targets with your team. These activities are measured at personal and business levels, helping you to recognise the value of your investment in your people. Not only do people tell us how much they enjoy our training – they can see, hear and feel the difference it makes at work.Amanda Lindsay

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