About Us

Here at 2bhr, we have a long-standing passion for talent management and make it our priority to put heart and soul into everything we do for you.
As experts in our field, we work closely with businesses across the UK and Ireland to make their personnel goals a reality – whatever they may be.

With our vast experience and innovative approach, we encourage people in your company to be the leaders who will drive change. We focus on how the team communicates – meaning everyone in the business has confidence in what they do. We also put ourselves in your shoes and ensure our work inspires employees to realise the potential in themselves - enabling your company to move forward and grow.

So, whether you want us to work closely with individual employees in our one to one sessions or would prefer to get your team working together, 2bhr is where your business can find the methods and skills it needs to transform.
Realising the potential in your team and discovering how their strengths fit in with your business plan is what we do best and we’ll act as an independent expert to maximise the potential of growing your company.

Our clients put trust in us to develop people’s productivity, performance, confidence and effectiveness by focussing on key points such as leadership and management development as well as personal skills, knowledge and behaviours.
Our solutions start with your goals – whatever they may be. We offer a bespoke mix of training, coaching, mentoring, workshops, masterclasses, e learning modules, development programmes, psychometric testing, career planning, wellbeing advice, succession planning, human resources knowledge and one to one support.

It all depends on which tools will be the perfect blend to drive your business, maintain the momentum and inspire the team.

We’re specialists at:

• Turning a group of employees into a team
• Showing individual staff their true potential
• Training managers to be leaders
• Making your goals realities - not just aspirations
• Breaking the mould in your business
• Advising e commerce companies on the best way to move forward

Our values are built on trust, collaboration, communication and knowledge, which is why we recognise the key to any successful business starts with its people.

With the range of HR and talent management services we offer, our engaging and professional team can work closely with your company to help you drive your employees in the right direction.
As a company boasting 20 years’ experience and a 100% repeat business rate, we want to hear from you and how we could help your business to achieve its goals.

Whatever you want your business to be.

So please get in touch now to find out more

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