Learning & Development

Our sole aim is to have a positive and lasting impact on your business.

We speedily get to know and fully appreciate your values and aspirations - enabling you to form achievable and stretching targets with your team.

These activities are measured at personal and business levels, helping you to recognise the value of your investment in your people.

Not only do people tell us how much they enjoy our training – they can see, hear and feel the difference it makes at work.

We create and develop activities designed to accelerate learning and team success - from head office, store and sales floor management, through to individual and group coaching programmes.

Among the varied solutions which we design are:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Management skills development programmes
  • One-to-one skill sessions
  • Evaluation and creation of induction programmes
  • Tailored, interactive training courses for managers or staff

Our training and development interventions have your business goals at their heart. They are carefully devised with the specifics and the subtleties of your aims. You can then can focus on driving the changes you need whilst protecting the brand you have nurtured.

When we collaborate with you, the first step is for us to connect with your business culture, where you want to be and how we can inspire your people to drive forward.
We create activities which can be run as workshops, one to one intensive coaching, e learning modules or competency based programmes.

All our learning tools are interactive, challenging, motivational, thought provoking and directly transferable to the workplace. We know that people learn in different ways – there is no “one size fits all”. So we are sensitive in our approach to ensure each person feels they matter and have potential.

You can measure the impact of investing in your people through their engagement in the learning, their ability to demonstrate the skills and knowledge doing their job, the impact on your goals and most importantly the positive effect on your people’s sense that they are valued and respected.

Popular topics

Change management
Moving into management - first line supervisory skills
Management development programmes
Compelling presentations
Working under pressure (time management)
Effective communication (personal and corporate)
Dealing with difficult people
Building a positive business culture
Developing well-being
Interviewing skills
One to one feedback and appraisal skills
Difficult conversations
Building productive teams
Collaboration across functions
Experiential retailing
Coaching and mentoring skills
Training the trainer
Competency development

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